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Re: Logo Mashups

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ton wrote:Everyone here is a winner! -Ton
Heh, so we all get a credit then?

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I was pretty suprised on some of the entries. There are some pretty talented dudes in the blender community that's for sure!! I'm amazed at the progress the blender foundation has made with the community, I've never seen anything like it!!! :D

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Re: Logo Mashups

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ton wrote:Everyone here is a winner!
Ton's a good leader! This made me smile :)

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My update.
More feminine figure (thanks to Giovanni from the blog. Added a breast and what i hope signifies the feminine hip! )
A more obvious "L"
Less like the Grim Reaper :lol:


no symbol (i feel that it is not that balanced)

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Hi, these are my last proposals. I create the typo in inkscape but was modified in Gimp.





I hope you like it.
:D Everyone here is a winner! - Ton

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this is my version of the logo hope you like it

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Oh wow! These last sets are a winner! Beautiful design.

I wonder if could duplicate somehow using Ubuntu Linux?

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Cool logos! Is this some type of competition or something?