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open movie project.

Post by gits777 » Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:44 am

Im making a movie, (self explanatory) hopefully full length. somewhere around 17 main characters. takes place in a more futuristic time on another planet. aliens, creatures too. action packed. and im not a half As$ artist either. i go down to every little detail. i use zbrush, blender, and photoshop. Character models have a poly count of 113486 with clothes, yet models are still unfinished. support would be needed. walkthoughs , tips, help. In matter of fact i have a problem right now. i use yafaray for rendering, and the hair on the characters wont show up? works with the built in blender render. dont know if its yafa or the hair emitter. ive googled, and so far i havnt seen this problem anywhere. Problem needs solved! lol.


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