Sintel Finally Released! My Review!

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Sintel Finally Released! My Review!

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There's been some really huge hype going on about the new movie Sintel that just got released September 30th, 2010. Which is understandable why as it's a short movie being made by the Blender Foundation, but not just that it's the fact that Sintel was being made while Blender 2.5 was being developed, and Sintel was created in Blender 2.5. Now for thoughs of you that don't know what Sintel is; Sintel is the 3rd open film the Blender Foundation has been working on for quite awhile, aka Project Durian.

Now before we go into the review you guys can go ahead, and findout about Sintel on it's official website here. Additionally you can watch Sintel for yourself for free on YouTube. It's multi language, and is viewable in SD, HQ, and HD (720p, 1080p, and 4096p). Also you can download Sintel here.


Now with that out of the way let me just say the graphics are amazing, there's a couple parts throughout the movie that could be improved here, and there. For example at 8:59 in the movie if you look closely when the baby dragon moves to run away, the wing goes inside the dragon itself.

Either way the graphics are amazing. Very nice work done here.

As for the animation of the movie, some parts were very well done, but others I feel needed some work for example at 8:51 in the movie when Sintel is pretty much sneaking up on the baby dragon, and then her facial expression when the dragon was screaming, was something what could of been improved.

Now for the storyline I personally didn't like the ending at all. The baby dragon she rescues, and becomes good friends with (Scales) is pretty much stolen by an adult dragon, and then Sintel travels miles to find Scales, and she thinks she finds her, but really this new adult dragon is Scales, and Sintel kills her, and then realizes. Oh crap it's Scales. I didn't dig the ending at all. I really think the ending should've got more thought into it, but that's just me. I did dig the fighting scenes. The one in the beginning, and the one at the end though.

Now that you've read my review it's time to make your own opinion on the movie. Go ahead, and check it out on YouTube.
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