Battle Fleets

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Battle Fleets

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Team name:
No team name. Not till the initial release. Not until we've accomplished something sizeable

Project name:
Battle Fleets

Brief description:

This game will be a simulator of naval battles. There will be multiple modes of play. But in the initial release there will only be a PvP and PvComputer game mode. PvP is played by two human players against each other with their ships. Each player has one ship. PvComputer is simply offline gameplay against a computer AI controlled ship. The more fights you win the more "requisition points" you acheive. The player can spend his/her RPs on betterments on the ship or buying a new ship altogether, hiring various crew members like the gunner, nav specialist, officer, engineer et cetera. Buying upgrades/guns and placing them on the ship's chassis. You can also gain acheivements to unlock some cotherwise hidden upgrades/guns placements/miscellaneous... There will be different classes of ships like Cruiser, Carrier, Destoyer, battleship et cetera. this is the overview of the basic stable initial release. things will follow after that. But this is the close target for now.

Target aim:
Submit the simple version on the Intel AppUp Appstore and the ubuntu "for purchase" software repository by the end of January. Frequent updates follow after that.

Future profit share from appstore sellings. But it's not that far ahead in the future. It's just one and a half months ahead ;)

Ogre 3D for the game engine. I have a lot of experience with this engine. :P Target systems are Linux ubuntu, debian and Meego and Windows netbooks. Basically netbooks, PCs and laptops. This is a cross-platform game. This will also be an open-source project.

Talent needed:
Simply put--------> 3D modeller. However, anyone who has passion and skill is more than welcome to be part of this dev team. ;)

Team structure:

Me <all-round game developer>


No website, till we cover some solid-ground with this project.

email address -
Skype name - shaun.reapswaal (or maybe it's Shaun.Reapswaal kinda confused xD)

Any feedback is welcome ;)
Peace, love, blessings to all

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