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Slayer Studios - RPG

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We are looking for a few good programmers and animation artists for a advanced game we are creating. We have all basic mechanics almost done. Inventory, health, combat, movement, ect. Programmers must have previous experience with the Blender Game Engine. This means they must understand the interface of blender. For example how to move objects around and edit scenes. This does not mean you must have the modeling knowledge. We look at programmers that are neat with their scripts, and leave examples for others to know what everything is. Dark Assassin has been in production for over a year and has over 150 textured models.

You must show examples of your work. You can do this by providing us with a rendered game or the blender file. We will then test it out to see your level of programming. You can also have a portfolio of videos, and or images. We will give you space on our web server to upload all your portfolio files!

(Windows Users: right click and hit save target as)
This video is 4 months old, and recently the game name has been changed. Though it does show many of the games mechanics, the graphic quality will be improved.

Joining the Team
If you want to join the team you must submit a simple application. The information in this application will not be shared with other members on our development team, nor will it be shared with the public. Please submit an email to with the following filled out please do not send it in a message on these forums, or it will go to an unattended mailbox. Copy full form into email, and post a comment when you have submitted your email.

All Fields Marked with * are required.
*First/Last Name:
*Skype Username (Must Download):
*If you cannot get Skype give a reason why:
*How many years of experience:
*Blender Artist Profile Name:
*Portfolio information:

Game Information
Genre: A RPG set in the medieval times
Story: Email for the story
Engine Being Used: BGE (Blender Game Engine)

As of now we offer royalties as our budget is dry with our new web server. We do also provide paying opportunities from time to time. Payments are sent through PayPal so you must have a PayPal account to be paid.

Team Style
We have a very friendly and fun team. You will work on a game, and having fun at the same time. We are very serious at meeting out deadlines, but we don’t mind you having some enjoyment in the process. We are a friendly environment you WILL be kicked off the team for being disrespectful to anyone on the team.

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