Adding 3D sound to ED 3D

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Adding 3D sound to ED 3D

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I'm a researcher in the field of 3D sound for 3D (stereoscopic) cinema.

For an experiment on the sense of presence in the context of 3D cinema, I would like to use an extract from ED (the first 2.5 minutes). A colleague and I will make a new 3D audio soundtrack (it will run on a WFS system).

Where can I get the files that were used for the stereoscopic rendering ? I got the two production dvds available but they seem to only contain the 2D version. Specifically, I don't think I need to render the movie again, but I need to obtain the coordinates of the objects in the scene (preferably using an automated script :D). I also need to be able to access the camera parameters.

Any help/comment/suggestion is welcome.


BTW, I'm also a member of the organizing comittee of 3D Stereo MEDIA. Congrats on your "Best short movie" award ! :wink:

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