Scary People Entertainment recruiting 3D Modeler/Animator!

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Scary People Entertainment recruiting 3D Modeler/Animator!

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Team name:
Scary People Entertainment

Project name:
The Entomo Trials

Brief description:
The Entomo Trials is a tribute title to games such as Silent Hill ½ and Resident Evil 1/2/3. We aim to reproduce the same feeling and style of those classics. We dare you to journey through the dieing town of Deer Lake, and the secret Under Labs that lie within. Search for the vacine, and the reason behind the insect based sickness that is spreading.

Target aim:
Freeware, though we will make use of the Union offerings that Unity provides.
Buy to play if quality is good enough.

No guarentee, but if any profit is gained you will receive your share. Also, we plan on working on further projects, which brings more possibility to compensation.

We will be using the Unity 3D engine, and blender possibly for models.

Talent needed:
3D Level Modeler – Create the levels to be used in the games, using Unity or Blender.
Character/Monster Modeler – Create the models of the characters and creatures, and animating them.
Concept Artist – Create the concepts for the creatures and characters.
Comci Cutscene Artist – Create the comic slides for the cut scenes (black and white/sketch)

Team structure:
Shelby Rogers – Designer/Writer
Shaun Holt – Programer
Chris Evans – Web Designer
Nick Frushour – Co/Dialogue Writer
Trevor Greene – 3D Artist
Randy Bernard – 3D Artist (no contact in past few days)
Brecken Hipp – Composer/Sound Designer(no contact in past few days)
Andrew Parker – Voice actor


Skype – Klimactik
Email –
Post on here, or PM me
Forum on our site

Previous Work by Team:
Our experience varies separately, but as a group this is our first project.

Additional Info:
We plan on putting together a small step by step document for aid for others working on an entry level game, and packaging it with the game. Also, we have a fair amount of work going: We have a model for the protagonist nearly complete, our main menu music, our programmer is working on insect shrouds (will make sense when seen) and more.

Image of Walter (protagonist)

Uploaded with



Dr. Malcolm Concept

Main Menu Theme Demo


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