Looking for the odd model or two initally

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Looking for the odd model or two initally

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Hi all,

Apologies if this isn't the right place for this but i'm (initially) looking for someone to make me a better avatar for a game project i'm working on.

You can see what kind of thing we have so far at blog.realmsoffantasy.net

I'm using a very basic low poly male human this i've animated and tweaked a bit (i didn't make it, downloaded a free model and modified). I don't really have the skill to create really nice humanoid models but by the look of these forums plenty of you do :D

I don't expect it to be free btw. We'd more be looking for someone to make the odd model here and there. Have a look at the avatars in Aion (the NCSoft game) to get an example of what we'd be looking for.

Please let me know if that would be something you're interested in.[/url]

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