Fox Noir

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Fox Noir

Post by NoirProductions » Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:25 pm

Concept: The concept is simple. Traditional noir styled hard boiled detective. The story is yet to be written, but you can imagine the usual sort of thing. Takes a case, theres a broad involved ect ect.

This is not another RPG, nor a shooter. This is a platformer, similar to crash bandicoot, with story.
We are looking for people of all skill levels, as it is a low poly, simple adventure/platformer.

Positions Needed:
Animators/rigger (1)
Programmer (1)

The Team currently consists of myself (a 3D modeller) and a writter. We are looking to fill the positions above and generate some content before recruiting any programmers.

Concept art:
All of the characters will be animals that wear clothes the fit in with the 50s noir setting.

The main character will be a Fox detective in traditional light brown raincoat and fedora hat.

He is the only character that is set in stone.

There will also be a femme fatale, but the type of animal and clothes are up to anyone who is willing to help.

Apart from that if anyone is intersted in making various "Extras" that will be encountered during the game that would be a great help.

If possible i would appreciate: An angled view of the character, A front view of the character, A side view.

If anyone is interested in either providing some art freelance or joining the team please Either PM me or add me on Skype (bottom of the post).

Modelling details:

Im currently using the Toon Shader in blender to create the Toon style I am looking to use in the game.

Texturing should be a simple job as we will be using bold colours with the toon shader for large sections of the character.

If your interested in modelling PM me or add me on Skype (bottom of the post).

We plan to release the game via an undecided download service for PC and for OnLive. If all goes well we will look into releasing on consoles, but that is a long way away.

Here is a pic of the default model in blender and a colt cobera with the toon shader i've set up, to show the toon style graphics we will be trying to achieve. ... ester2.jpg ... ttoon2.jpg

My Skype is Jay.R.Griddly

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