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So the idea is that a secret organization in the military is being shut down by the president. The time setting is fifty years from the date: 2013. The main character is: Jonathon Habor. The perspective: 1st person. The storyline is: Freedom and war. Your position in the game: Commander. How will this game play out: like Axis & Allies but it is first person. If you are not at the location that the battle takes place you play the game like in Axis and Allies, but if the enemy attacks the location where you are stationed then you will fight in first person while giving commands to fellow comrades.

This is a big production and will require a lot of talent. We are working on the sketch board right now but we need all of the bellow:

-Python person
-Scene designer
-Logic editor

We do have some of these positions taken, but you may jump in and help. There is no limit to the size of this team. But! We will need you to contact us first for information and Acceptance. You will as well need Skype. In the future we will have some other way of conversing with one another. If you have any suggestions then please comment. You will receive more info at request.

Email us for info
Also visit our website

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