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Looking for a Sci-fi or Fantasy film group project

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:30 am
by hardbug111
Hello everyone! I am really new to the forums and I am looking for Blender animators who are interested in making Sci- Fi or Fantasy films! I have absolutely no experience in these kinds of animations as much as I tried using the program and I am instead asking for help! What I do have skills in is Scriptwriting and Video Editing as well as a full on studio with cameras, lighting, and any other stuff used for live action sequences. The projects will be NON-paying jobs as the only thing I can offer to you is credit on the films. Nobody will be getting paid from these projects, not even me, as the funds needed will be paying off the food for live actors/actresses and crew, locations needed, and consumable products like fake blood or something else. The funds received from these projects will go straight towards paying off the next upcoming project that YOU (hopefully) may take part in. This is more for you own resume portfolio building and nothing more.

Again, this is a NON-PAYING position(s).
Thank you for reading and any comments to this message.