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Need Model(s)

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:25 pm
by wsdpi1
Can anyone tell me where to find some Battletech mech models, don't ask why... its a secret.


Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:33 pm
by Kirk
Goodplace to start, fast answer..

Blend Swap uses the Creative Commons license system. and explain it very well.

Good luck with your project.

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:34 pm
by wsdpi1
I couldn't find any that i was looking for so i made my own my first is this


Now for the push

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:51 pm
by Kirk
very good work.

have you seen this tut? ... ender-2-5/

could add some Wow to it.

I will enjoy seeing some more of this work.