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3d Artist needed for Game

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:29 am
by wrymn
Hi there my name is Wrymn and I came here with my new project I started few days ago.

I made a zombie based game before and I wanted to make something different, something I have never seem before.

In actual gameplay you can build buildings, buy soldiers, build Ballistas, buy weapons ( maybe in future spells) and buy Miners and Woodchoppers to gather resources.
The whole game is in 1st person! You can either stay defensive, buy and send soldiers on enemy, which are zombies and other similar creatures, and buy Ballistas to defend you self, or you can march out your self, and strike enemies down with your blows.

I need some 3D Artist to help me model things out.

What do I require from 3D Artist:

-you need to be online at least once a day and model 3D objects given.
-activity guys! You cant be online one day and I wont hear from you next several days.
-you need to have some previous experiences with 3D modeling
-you need to model in Blender or other open source program(until you have 3ds max bought license)
-you will model objects from medieval houses to level objects(barrels, rocks, fences), weapons, kinda Box characters, etc
-modeling fast is +
-portfolio is +
-TEXTURING not required!

If you are interested add me on Skype: Wrymn

Here are some pictures from scene.( This is just reference how the game Art style and models look like) ... 1363821366 ... 1363821379

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 11:43 pm
by wrymn
Sorry Pictures are here, dont know why its not working: