V I V Online - Help us out, and blend inside the game.

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V I V Online - Help us out, and blend inside the game.

Post by V I V » Mon May 20, 2013 11:19 pm

We are just starting a team. The engine is finished. We just need your blending help!

WEBSITE URL: http://www.vivmmo.com/

V I V Online is a game that immerses users inside a fantasy world.

The game was designed specifically for the Razer Hydra and the Oculus Rift.
The idea was to create a fantasy world that will immerse users using these two input devices. We've tested it, and the experience is both realistic and unbelievable! However, the game does not require users to have the devices, you can easily play with just a mouse and keyboard.


I posted here because we are in need of people who are skilled with blender. The game has blender built inside it, so users who are interested in this project can create the world all inside the game. We need creative/artistic people like you to make this happen!

For more info or questions email me at treydoesstuff@gmail.com
you can also visit our website at the link above!


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