In need of 3d modellers in process to launching kickstarter.

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In need of 3d modellers in process to launching kickstarter.

Post by donnysobonny »

Hey guys,

I am a member of Seriously Tricky Games, a (you've guessed it) small game development company. Don't worry, it's very unlikely that you've heard of us prior to this. :P

This post is regarding our current project, RealmClash, which is a hybrid tabletop board game with some very unique features. At the moment we are pushing towards kickstarter to fund full development of the tabletop game, however we plan to make a computer game version of RealmClash in the further future (possibly some type of moba game).

Our website (currently under development):

The current draft of the kickstarter campaign (needs a lot more work, however gives a good idea of our intentions): ... n=0b376a42

So why am I posting in here?

Well, what we have plenty of at the moment (and by plenty, really I mean butt loads) is art work of the many characters within the storyline of RealmClash. However, what we are lacking in at the moment are the 3d models which will represent the miniature models used within the actual tabletop game.

We have a fantastic little 3d printer, which literally takes your .stl files and prints the model for us, which is what we will be using to print the miniatures for the game.

What can we offer you?

It's very important that I mention at this point that this game is pre-funding. Meaning that there are little-to-no funds which can be spared.With that being said however, this project will succeed. There are a number of individuals working on this project voluntarily, simply because they are as passionate as we are about this project. We are offering you the chance to be a part of this. Although right now there is little that we can offer other than the experience, we intend to offer full time (fully paid) positions to all members of the team as soon as this is a possibility.

We are also willing to draw up a contract for you, which clearly states that you will be compensated for work, as soon as the funds are available.

Are there any requirements that I need to meet?

All that we ask is that you have a decent amount of experience using Blender or Maya (atleast 1 year), and that you are confident enough to turn our artwork into 3d models.

Experience with texturing and animation would be a bonus for when we start looking at developing the pc game, however right now these skills are not needed. Although you will need to rig and pose your models.

We will require to see some work that you have done.

How do I get in contact with you guys?

The best way would be to get us on skype. You can find me on skype as donnysobonny (donny sutherland) or the founder of this project as jessejordannowhasskype (jesse jordan).

We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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