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Project Grimiore

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Good day,

My name is Richard Headrick I'm a Veteran of the USAF. I found my passion for game development while attempting to collaborate writing a novel with a friend, unfortunately things on that front could not work out and the project was scrapped (we are still friends, it was not a falling out) I love gaming it has been apart of me ever since I was a little kid. I love telling stories and creating worlds and places that people can visit. So I've decided to attempt to make a RPG. So far this team has 2 writers, a game-play designer and 3 programmers.
I'll be the first one to admit that everything is working against us. I mean how can you make a game with out any assets already created. And that is what this posting is for, we are in need of 3D animators, 3D modelers, 3d artist and level designers I know that this sounds ridiculous and crazy but i think that this project when it is complete will succeed and be worth all of it. I know that there are people out there that want to get into game development but they just do not know how and I'm in the same boat, so I'm trying to find a way simple as that. This is not some half-butt pipe dream it is a serious Dev. project and so far everyone on this team is dedicated and wanting to see this game come to light.

If you have read this far, thank you. Now here is the general overview of the story. The game time period is set during the early age of mankind. The Gods rule over their followers through their priesthood granting them magical abilities, patchworks of religious city-states make up the bulk of the political landscape but throughout the years there have been individuals who were able to use magic without needing to be associated with the Gods themselves. Slowly these people found each other and formed a conclave of mages, through this organization they have carved out a small empire for themselves and they welcomed anyone who wished to join their ranks. In the span of a Generation this empire has grown quite large and the rapid pace of growth threatens the city-states. The Priesthood panics and in a number of hasty decision they decide to go to War. And my friends that is where our story begins. The game-play were hoping to make it third person/first person. Obviously more details will be discussed after contact has been made
If you are interested in joining our team please email me at, even if you do not have
any technical abilities I will not turn you away I will speak with everyone and try my hardest to find a place for you on our team.

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