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Sci-Fi 3D Movie - The Eternal World

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:34 am
by eternux

I am currently looking to organize a team to make a sci-fi 3D movie. See link below for a quick summary of the story. Below it is a link to the page with screenplay of the introduction part of the movie. This is expected to be a big production feature-length movie. Anyone interested please contact me.

This will be a minimal risk venture. The project will proceed only once we successfully raised all the funds through crowdfunding. The amount to be raised will be budgeted by the team as a whole to make sure everyone get paid for full production, including post-production works.

The finish product will be made freely available online and use tipping jar for gratuities. Post-production Income distribution to be discussed prior to launching the main crowdfunding campaign. Limited distribution deal with TV stations and movie distributors is possible as long as we retain the copyright and able to release it freely online in no more than a year after completion of the production. Releasing it for free is our way of expressing appreciation to the public, whose funding made this project possible. This will also make people more generous in giving gratuity for after-production income.

Hope this captures the interest of enough people to start a team. Feel free to ask me any question.


The link to the post with short overview of the story. ... ect#Item_1

The link to the page with the screenplay of the introductory part.
(this also have a mini crowdfunding for the promo video using a storyboard drawing, narration and possible soundtrack)

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:43 pm
by mpan3
A few thoughts comes to mind:

What role do you play? If you are to oversee the production, do you have previous studio experience?

What's your main goal for the project? Blender was not mentioned anywhere in your post, so is this a Blender-only production? Is the production file going to be open sourced like the Blender Institute productions?

I've personally never heard of, and frankly the site looks dodgy, Many potential donors might feel the same way. If you are serious about the project, can you put it up on kickstarter or indiegogo?

Project Gooseberry will start in early 2014, so I imagine a large number of good Blender artists might be unavailable for a while.

I am also uncertain about your distribution plans. Waiting a year for a wide internet release is not going to fly by 2015.

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:03 am
by eternux
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your thoughts.

My role will be to provide the screenplay and give some guidance. In terms of overseeing production, I don't have studio experience but I have taken courses at Winnipeg Filmgroup, which includes Filmmaking and producing, sound editing and screenwriting. I also do some video editing. I realize that does not make me an expert and experience matters. But if someone have to make an executive decision I am willing to take that role. But I imagine the team being more collaborative than top down management. I could also apply some project management lessons I learned working for big companies. I was not a project manager but worked closely with some, which gives me some perspective on some of the pitfalls to expect and avoid. Having said that, if others who have more industry experience are available and willing to take this on, I will happily step aside and let them manage it while providing inputs.

I am a big proponent of open source, open government, and a non-cumbersome / free culture type of copyright. My first thought was to make it a Blender project. But personally I have not worked as 3D artist or animator. I have few people in Ontario and possibly some in Manitoba that I could approach but they are more on Maya side of things. The reason I did not say it is a Blender project outright is I am not sure there would be enough Blender talent at this point to take on the whole project. I could be wrong. I see a possibility of having mixed group of people from different parts of the world with various backgrounds working together. Even if some of the members does not use Blender, I would push for making all created files and models to be openly and freely available to the team. That any work done for the project becomes property of the team. Even though I am not well verse on technical side of 3D animation tools, I am confident we could make it work. I also figures there are lots of self taught talents out there. Taking Ton Roosendaal advice of working out the core team first, I believe we can have them oversee freelance artist and give the newer talent a chance. I prefer not to just use one private studio unless it is the Blender institute.

I am personally responsible for creating Eternux is my screen name for this 3D animation project. The reason I decided to start a new crowdfunding site hacked together with open source cms and crm was I wanted to offer a cheaper payment method and lower fees. Approaching it as an amateur composer with desire to do some research if time allows, I wanted a service that charges low fees and a flat fee payment method. So I created and offers a flat fee payment for Canadian using online banking. For big projects, that's a potential savings of tens of thousands. Plus making the % really low would leave more money for the project. Another thing I find missing in current crowdfunding site is a central area for curating works while at the same time allowing people to give gratuities to their favourite creator or artist. Fans have the option to give recurring tips also to support their artist. No % charges other than payment processing cost for direct tips. This is based on what I would like as an artist than business side of how I could make as much money as possible. It is still in beta and planning to do some marketing push soon. So perhaps for full disclosure, I should state that I have vested interest in KreyTor. But I do believe that a more prominent tipping button is needed for people to continue to support a production team, artist or researcher, in addition to crowdfunding for the creation and production part. I also have some ideas to have more social component and collaborative tools. But that is for the future if the site is successful.

But having said all that, it will be a team decision which crowdfunding site we eventually use.

The distribution plan priority will be making it freely available on the internet. You made a good point that one year wait might be too long. But my priority is to give everyone an unhampered access. So maybe a month or two theatre run could work. But it should not be a priority. If crowdfunding is successful, everyone should already have been paid and the after-release income are just a bonus.

But I want to emphasize that this project is independent of so whatever direction the core team decides, that's what it will be.

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 2:21 am
by mpan3
I don't have any real experiences with a production. But I think having a strong, committed team is more important than anything.

So my advice would be to talk to team leaders who has done this type of project before.

Good luck!

Future plans

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:26 pm
by eternux
I decided to learn Blender to be able to take a more active role and contribute more to the project. Thanks to the advise of other teams in ongoing bigger projects, I decided to make this a full Open Movie project. Until now I have toyed with idea of making it a joined Maya and Blender project.

To make the crowdfunding goal easier to reach, the project would likely be split into 3 parts. Each part will be approximately 30 minutes in length. Maybe that will lower the goal and not have a big goal right away. Another plus side is we will have demonstrated our ability by that time and would attract more interest. That could then get us more support and funding for the later part, where there will be more elaborate rendering. The exact approach to be hashed out closer to the start of the project.