Hello from University of Plymouth

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Hello from University of Plymouth

Post by domejunky »

Hello All,

I'm just watching Peppe Cirotti's presentation - I can't believe I didn't know about this section of the forum.

We teach Blender to our undergraduates for media production and to understand perception and cognition for immersive media. We also run workshops, often centred around Blender. We use it for pre-rendered and real-time fulldome content creation, which often includes visualization of data, including: Soil Porosity, LIDAR, GIS, Atomic Force Microscopy, Bathymetry....

Happy to help promote Blender amongst the academic community....


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Post by pep »

well, maybe that's was our fault:

we just wrote to people we knew were active in the academic environment, but didn't think to announce it with some more large scale technique. :roll:

That was a big reason for the presentation at the conference and i am happy it worked.

There is a real interest in developing effective ways to teach blender, and the things you do go farther. Can you give us a little more detail about your work?
Personally i am interested in GIS and real-time fulldome content creation but i'am sure many others wold appreciate some extra detail.

Thank to join us and let's keep building a happy and effective community of blender users in academic environment.

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Post by MonZop »

Hi Pete,

Welcome to Blender academic!

would you like to give a link to your University, and in particular to the projects that use Blender?
I am personally interested in the dome technology, but probably other people will find useful a description of the various uses.



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