Creating interactive prototypes with Blender

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Creating interactive prototypes with Blender

Post by mackrorysd »


I'm looking at the possibility of using Blender for a class that needs to do some simple wire-frame prototypes of devices. The models are going to very simple, but I like Blender because it does everything we need with a very short learning curve, and has the extra sophistication for those that want to take it further. I'm proficient in Python and so are the students, but the only documentation I've bee able to find about Python scripting seems to deal with creating traditional 2D GUIs entirely in Python. What I'm looking for is the ability to add an event handler to a specific face, so someone can click on the face and, say, change the image that's on a different face (to simulate clicking a button on the prototype device and displaying something on the screen). I imagine changing the image on a face is quite easy to do through the API, but I can't find anything in any of Blender's menus or online tutorials about how to add an event listener to a specific face in a 3d model. I assume it's possible, but I'm just stuck as to where to keep looking. I'd be very appreciative of any tips.


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Thadt sounds verry nice and iam intrested to!
Iam verry intrested in developing (as Engineering ) an more
complex Device and using Autodesk inventor but its produces some
overhead of Information and all 3D-Game Engines i know has
Problems handling Extrem Large Polymeshes.

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Post by RoboticGolem »

Sounds like something that could easily be done with the game engine. They have a lot of triggers like that and you should be able to have an 'on click' change texture.

I know its not a lot of help, but maybe thats what your looking for? or at least a point in the right direction.

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Post by pep »

have you already browsed the new version of "Code snippets. Introduction to Python scripting in Blender 2.5x" ?

there is one updated 2011.04.14. posted at ... ender-2.5x

As a wannabe programmer i understand about 1% of the content :)
but, at page 93, there is an example of modal operator that could be useful. You could also post there for some help.

and keep us informed of your progresses

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