learning is hardddd!!

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uhh ohh olivia
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learning is hardddd!!

Post by uhh ohh olivia »

yeah, so i just got the program from my uncle the other day and already i have no idea how it works. and the tutorials arent much help seeing that i have no idea how to recreate on my own what i just copied from the tutorial page. soooooo someone help me PLEASEEEE!!!!! :shock:
uhh ohh olivia!

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Post by joeri »

I'll help you by pointing towards places where you can get real help.

1. On your own : buy a book; http://www.blender3d.org/e-shop/
2. On your own, online : browse a site; http://www.blender.org/tutorials-help/quickstart/
3. In a user forum : http://www.blender.org/community/user-community/
4. By chatting to other users: http://www.blender.org/community/chat/

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learning is hardddd!!

Post by jeelocked »

Hi olivia,

I'm a novice too and I'm in complete sympathy.

Your helpers will want to know how much experience you have. Grahics, geometry, computers, etc. There's a lot of help out there. Select a level and grind away at it.

Specific questions get specific answeres...


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Post by teachtech »

Here's another source to help you out

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Post by dreamsgate »

You can also check out our community magazine, Blenderart Magazine at www.blenderart.org.

It has a lot of great tutorials.
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Post by Henske »

Hi, uhh ohh olivia,

You're absolutely right: learning is hardddd!!

I have been using Blender for the last 4 weeks and at this point i'm not even close to where I'd expected to be after 4 weeks. My idea was: follow a lot of tutorials and within a few weeks you're a Blender "Pro".

But nothing's for free (except Blender!!) and if you want to go somewhere you have to invest some time in it.
That is what I learned from working with Blender: you're not going to get anywhere without dedicating some time and effort into it. This is the only way to get something done..!!

I don't have any links for you (apart from the links mentioned earlier), but I just want to advise you to invest your time into learning Blender because I think this is a very good way to learn 3D "art" the cheap way, and with a LOT of resources available.

At this moment I'm working my way through "the Essential Blender Guide" which I can recomend. Look for it at: http://www.blender3d.org/e-shop/

I hope you're going to enjoy working with Blender as much as I did (and still do!!!)

Good luck!


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Post by Hx »

http://blenderunderground.com/video-tutorial-list/ Watch these. They are by far the best Blender basics tutorials I've ever seen.

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