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blender kernel documentation

Post by jessevdam »

Is there any documentation about the blender kernel?

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Post by cmccad »

I believe that there are supposed to be doxygen created documents somewhere. I can't seem to find them, however.

I would be interested in seeing some, as well. I am working right now on commenting some of the code, but I don't know if anyone will commit the changes to cvs :)

If you really want *something*, however incomplete, I've posted stuff to the bf-blender Open Discussion forum:
over on the projects site.


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Post by blackie »

@cmccad: i read that you tried to analyze the creator.c and that you did not know if this was the only main function.
ok so here is what doxygen tells me:
the following files contain main() functions:

SND_test.c, particle0.cpp, particle.cpp, npmac.cpp, GPG_ghost.cpp, creator.c, typetest.c, readwritetest.c, writeblenfile/test/test.c, readblenfile/test/test.c, makesdna.c, stubbed.c

but as you can see most of them are test files so they are a kind of "sub programs". so i guess you are right with your main function in creator.c


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