I can't find an obvious use for Blender

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I can't find an obvious use for Blender

Post by Taurucis »

I'm about to lose my temper again, someone who's made a tutorial for creating Oblivion meshes is already mad at me because his tutorial isn't of any help.

Anyway, I'm trying to create a custom armor meshes for TES: Oblivion. There are no easy tutorials on how to do so, and neither are there any tutorials for controlling Blender. I can't get the camera to move correctly, the only thing that seems to work is adding shapes.

Anyone know how to do this? I've posted this on about 7 other forums, I've either been ignored or given hate mail. Then again, everyone on the internet likes to give me hate mail...

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Post by stiv »

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Post by teachtech »

Sorry Blender is frustrating at first. It takes a long time and commitment to get good with it. Here's a book I wrote (free to download) that has helped a lot of people get started. I use it in my classes.

Good luck!

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