Object orientation?

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Object orientation?

Post by marvinthemartian »

HI...I'm new to blender- so my question may seem very elementary! I noticed in a tutorial that when objects were added to the view port window (Ex. add>mesh>monkey) the face of the monkey was oriented based on the view in which it was added... i.e. top view- monkey looking up...front view...monkey looking forward. My question? When I add the monkey it's always looking up...even when I add the object in front view. Is there a default setting that allows me to choose the orientation X,Y or Z of an object based on my own perference?
Thanks the help!

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Re: Object orientation?

Post by m.ardito »

marvinthemartian wrote:HI...I'm new to blender
My question? When I add the monkey it's always looking up...
1) switch a window to "user preferences" window type.
2) there, switch to the "edit methods" tab
3) on the left, youshould have the "add new objects:>aligned to view" button pressed.
4) depress (disable) it.
5) you're done! :)
6) remember: in order to keep settings permanently, in Blender (ALL settings) you have to "save default settings", with CTRL+U or under "file" menu...


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