The Unofficial Tutorial Thread

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The Unofficial Tutorial Thread

Post by Landis »


I was an accident :oops: ...I was missunderstood....I saw the words tutorials as titles for threads.....again man I am will never happen again.
Thanks for all of the hard work you guys are doing.

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Post by SirDude »

This isn't the place to post tutorials.
This board is a forum for talking about teaching blender
and or 3d concepts using blender.

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Post by IngieBee »

Don't be such a wet rag, SD! Enthusiasm is so easily squashed! Hey Landis, if you want, I’ll put any tutorials you make up on my website. Tons of space, just have no time to do anything, but uploading I can do, LOL. I have to finish reinstalling the rest of those Blendermania tutorials, yuck, no time, spend 12 hrs / day at my work/driving lately.

Anyway, it’s a very nice tutorial, let me know if you would like me to put it up at ingiebee’s

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Post by odyssey »


Your enthusiasm shows :D , Ingee too :lol: , if this comes to an impasse, I'd be most pleased to host your Tutorials.

~Cheers :wink:

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