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What to get...

Post by N00B3R »

OK so I'm thinking about buying a book or 2, maybe even three, but at least one for now... OK sounds easy enough, but no. See I'm getting into all facets of blender (great program, and spreading it as fast as I can) which would involve creating full length movies, and games. I'm starting with making a basic game (but lots of features and game types) so I was wondering what book I should buy to help with understanding Python, Scripting, and everything else that would be needed with making a relatively basic game... After I make this first game and get used to all the features Blender has to offer, I'll make a couple short films that will be revolving around my second, more advanced game.

So if anyone has bought some of the books that Blender offers (I went through them all and I just can't decide) and could tell me and all the other new blenders where to start.

Thanks to all,

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Post by SirDude »

All of the materials on the blender shop are very good.

Having said that, it sounds like you want an all around intro to blender, then once you know how to use it you can focus on the game engine and or making movies.
The best books for that is the "Essential Blender" or the "Blender for Dummies" I don't have the second so I can't comment on it but reading the description it sounds good, and as I've said all of the material on the e-shop is great. (Note there is a deal on the eshop to get Essential with BBB if you don't have BBB thats probably the way to go)

After you've done that it sounds like you want to get into the in's and outs of game programming with blender.
Which means you want:
Blender Gamekit 2 and or Yo Frankie!, Open Game DVD.

The other stuff is great also, just more specific to given topics.

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Post by Jenifer »

"Essential Blender" & "Blender for Dummies" compliments each other, so you need to study "Blender for Dummies" then skim thru "Essential Blender" for the tip's. that way you will have a steady ground.

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