Free Online Blender College Level Course

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Free Online Blender College Level Course

Post by irakrakow »

I made a YouTube video describing a free online Blender college level course. My video is at:

The course author, Neal Hirsig, presented this course at Tufts University from 2006 to 2008 for college credit. It's now available for free, with no copyright restrictions. If you'd like to offer your own Blender course, this seems like a great place to start and get ideas.

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Post by Jenifer »

The modeling tutorials suck lol + it's has the old interface !

thats why im making a good modeling tutorial, slowly here ... st&p=74245

plus you can use this forums to talk with me.

for my fans out there I will be teaching you how to use fur right after the modeling basic tutorial is complete !

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