Is Blender compatible?

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Juan C.
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Is Blender compatible?

Post by Juan C. »

Hello, I started using a game development software called Dark Basic Professional, ( it was all fine learning the coding and stuff, but for my new project I need to create 3D models and it seems that DBPo isnt capable of model designing, so I wonder if I could make the characters with Blender, then transfer them to Dark Basic, But is Blender compatible with Dark Basic?
All your help will very appreciated it, thanks! :)

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Post by sundialservices »

You will have to determine what kinds of model files this application says it can import, then compare this to the file formats that Blender can export.

It is reasonable to expect that Blender could be used to create models, but of course it will not have any notion of programming logic (i.e. "Dark Basic"). I haven't looked at this particular application at all.

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Post by joeri »

What does Dark Basic use? AC3D? What format does that use to export to DB?

It looks like DB uses .X and .CSM files.
I think blender can export .X but not .CSM files.

You could try their Cartography Shop and see if it imports .OBJ or .FBX

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