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Installing blender and python, use the right version of pyth

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:20 am
by maxetormer
To Install Blender you need to install python or the plugins will not work, this is the third time I almost gave up on installing the application because python and bender weren't able to communicate and the reason was that I was downloading the wrong version of Python, instead of 2.6.2, I was using the latest version that was available on the python site, now if python is so crucial to run bender properly why wont you just add a link on the download section pointing to the correct python, in the Bender website?

Version 2.6.2 for 32x and 2.6.1 for the 64x so people don't have the problem of blender
not being able to communicate with python.

I made this post so maybe this forum post is indexed into Google and some poor guy like me that was unable to install blender could find an answer, I read posts saying to add environmental variables and stuff, non of that works, the problem is people not downloading the correct version that goes with the right version of blender, check the black command window that is created when you start blender if it say is compiled with python 2.6.2 download that version, if that version is not readily available on the python site, then google it.

If somebody knows how to contact on the blender development team so they change their website so people that want to use and learn blender don't get turned off, please tell me I really believe that this should be addressed, the program already has a hard learning curve,but hey that comes with the territory, the installing problem of python and blender should not exist, just Google the problem up, there's TONS of people having this issue and yet the main website remains unchanged, its not something that should be a problem just add the correct link next to the blender installer or zip file and the installing problems are GONE, for good, I'm using windows7 64x, I installed the 32x version of blender cause the site said the 64x has some features deactivated, if you install the 32x installer with the default paths and then python 2.6.2 with the default paths too, they both install perfectly no need to add environmental variables of no kind, just make sure that you don't tick anything in both installers, just keep clicking, next, next, and all will be fine.

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:22 am
by maxetormer
Blender 2.49b 32x installer: ... indows.exe
Goes with:


Blender 2.49b 64x Zip file, just create a folder in C:/ called Blender and extract. ...
Goes with:

This is the video that finally gave me an answer!

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:54 pm
by jms
It exists a version for Windows 32 bits and python 2.7 but not official at all. ... p3?zoo=com
The file :

In my school, hidden files and directories, mainly when they content the scripts and the internationlization data, are very annoying because they could not be found by the users with limited rights so they have been renamed "inisomething".