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Post by mantra37 »

could someone help me,,,,,
I am beginner in blender, how exactly to export .blend to OBJ file complete with the .mtl file attached to that file???

and could it be seeing on OBJ viewer???

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Post by Bensch »

I think you are in a forum new as well. Nobody click on a topic with a stupid subject like how???

Nobody??? I only clicked on your topic to tell it you.

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Post by stiv »

One of the tricks for getting help is making it easier for people to help you. The other is asking in the right place.

A better title might mention exporting OBJ files. A better place to ask questions about using Blender are the user forums at instead of here, at the developer forums.

Now for your question, there is an Add-on for OBJ import/export. You will have to enable it under File->User Preferences->Add-ons.

After that, it will appear under File->Export->Wavefront(.obj). You will need to have a UV-mapped texture on your object.

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