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An Introduction to the Community

Post by Annlies » Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:42 pm

Hello, I am Annlies and I am a major Blender n00b.

Luckily I'm here to get my feet wet and hopefully learn something along the way. Right now I'm working on a small project for fun to learn the basics of using Blender. I'm currently working on a Slenderman character model to practice rigging single-mesh models.

Here is a link to a previous doodle I worked on which is a flapping mechanical wing. The video can be found here:

I managed to get the bone tool to work well here, but the wing is made of several mesh objects that are completely separate and that's why I had so much success getting it to work. When I try to create characters with a single mesh, like my Slenderman character, I have much more trouble getting things to work properly. As I work more on this test I'll post more information, but I just wanted to enter the community and hopefully get some good person-to-person advice on this sort of thing.

Thanks for looking, if you want to find me on Deviantart you can take a look at my 2d work here:
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