2.65 How to attach camera to path?

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2.65 How to attach camera to path?

Post by catchrow » Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:02 am

Hi all,
I havent used blender for years, literally. All my 'skills' come from Tony Mullen's book, so please go easy on me!

I can create basic shapes and know how to make them better. However I am struggling to attach a camera to a path in 2.6 so I can create a fly-through. Are there any good , clear tutorials out there please? If not, how do I do it. Its defiantly different from the old days!

Thanks in advance,


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Re: 2.65 How to attach camera to path?

Post by Chavar » Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:40 pm


1. Select camera, then shift+click to select the path as well. 2. Press Ctrl +p>follow path. 3. Rotate and position your camera to the start of the dotted lines connecting the camera and path.

To animate the camera, in the curves panel find the "path animation" roll out and check "path animation", choose the frame range and use the "evaluation time" slider to see the camera follow the path.

Key frame as you wish.

**Its not done by moving the camera, not with this method anyway, its done by animating the path's progression.

**If THE camera twists in some weird way, play with the "twisting" option in the curve panel, under the "shapes" roll out (Z-up usually works for me)

If you are unclear or if this seems strange and unfamiliar let me know, maybe i can prepare, or refer you to something more basic.

Hope this helps.

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