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Video tutorials Blender 2.66a for game making communities

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:58 pm
by dcforeman
Hi guys,

Yet ANOTHER video tutorial series for blender is being developed, but it's not aimed at this community as such but instead for other game making communities. It is the usual stuff, basics leading up to an animated character. Materials, rigging, animation, etc etc. I'll be releasing it every Thursday.

I'm posting it here because comments from the blender community would be useful, if anyone spots any obvious omissions, or have some other kind of problem with the video it would be useful to have people let me know.

I won't be doing fast tutorials, I feel that many "little details" are lost when people rush through it. This first tutorial covers the basic interface, and more importantly I make it clear to users how to restore the default interface if (as I do frequently) they mess it up.

Anyway hope you enjoy.