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Blender Training Video Portal

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A few of us newbies to intermediate users have been working on the beginnings of a consistent learning path for us. Our goal was to learn Blender through the resources currently available and create supplemental material to help each other out. It was our intention to share this supplemental material with the rest of the community. We are located at (the very vanilla website of):

We currently are on hold pending the arrival and digestion of the biggest Blender resource- the 2.32 manual. In the mean time, a few of us are experimenting with video tutorial encoding techniques and post processing to a digestible form.

We are looking to do many things but I noticed this thread on the board: ... pic&t=1735

Has any progress be made on this? Granted, our project is geared at the new user but if the BF itself is pursuing training as a problem spot and looking to fix it with a concrete plan, I think I’d be wise to see where that project stands.

In addition to grouping the material into organized lumps (classes, coursework), I am also looking to create something similar to the below links (but totally free, of course):

In the next month or two (depending on the status I hear of the above BF project) I am looking to implement a portal system to allow users to submit their own video tutorials for “free” on the website. I realize that a lot of people don’t like talking “on camera” or spending the time to polish a video for professional looks. But there are people out there with far more blender skills than we have and we’d like to document that in a consumable form. We are hoping to promote an area where a video could be submitted (for free and with no banners) by anyone (rough as it might be)…. then an edit team would watch it, comment to the author, make agreed changes and post process the video into a consistent professional product.

Does anyone have any constructive comments?

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