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Online Documentation - Blender 2.32

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 12:01 am
by gaiamuse
I was wondering if it is possible to put the HTML version of the 2.32 manual online for download. I have been reading the documentation boards and it seems there is a difficulty with parsing pdf with docbook, but the HTML version seems to work. I think it would be good to have something available. People could get the pdf later or perhaps use Open Office to create their own pdfs. Just a thought.

Thanks for all your hard work!


Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2004 9:59 pm
by phrentec
ditto. I'de like an html version as well.

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 5:39 am
by levon
but better then the html is the printed copy.

and if your not prepaired to pay for it you shouldnt be pushy about it.

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 9:29 am
by ideasman
How about peuchase the PDF/PS/HTML as an EBOOK?

I find online documentation more usefull, Im not realy fussed- its just that I dont use books much, prefer HTML docs.

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2004 12:28 am
by gaiamuse
Sorry, Ideasman, I would not buy an online ebook. The current documentation project as I understand it will be available for download free and is open content just like the last sept 2.28 version.

I have been following the progress of the documentation and since writing this message I noticed that they started to get moving on it again. I just thought people working on the documentation manual shouldn't feel stuck or have to think they needed to have pdf versions of the online documentation--that it is OK to have at least an html version. I wasn't trying to be pushy, Levon. I appreciate everyone'e efforts with documentation and coding. Lots of people do. When I get better at learning Blender, I hope to help contribute to documentation someday.


Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2004 5:07 pm
by S68

I'm putting back on CVS the XML sources, I'm halfway. It is not straightforward nor quick. All tree is rebuilt for internazionalization ;)

As soon as the tree is complete a new HTML set of pages will be online

For the PDF there are subtle problems (Material exceeds latex capabilities)
so that will be available later.

It will anyway be of the same quality of the *currently online* PDF


Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2004 12:23 am
by gaiamuse
Yes S68! I have noticed how fast it has been progressing! Thanks so much for your time and dedication and to the others who are also helping. The documentation project is so appreciated and more people are going to learn Blender because of it!

I also think more tutorials will start to emerge as well.