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Post by iluvblender »

Thanks myamee and olblue.

myamee, here is the link to the page where i have listed the hot-keys i have used. if i forgot any, i will update that page. ... owave.html

- Satish.

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Post by AlexGg »

iluvblender wrote:I am trying my hand at makign video tutorials.

here are some links. I use bz2 compression. The zip file includes the bz2'd video, bz2.exe [72kb], and a expandit.bat file which decompresses the video.

There is no audio though, and they are not so basic tutorials. ... ... ...

Here are some instructions on making the microwave tutorial. ... owave.html

- Satish.
Sorry, it's seems to me does not work now... :(
Or just in my case?

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Have video tutorials in conjunction with documenation

Post by Metsys »

I've been thinking about how helpful video tutorials would be for learning Blender, and I'm really close to making some of my own soon. One thing I did want though is to see some official blender video documentation. I found it a bit difficult to find any blender tutorials at all, and more so to find it on the subject I was studying.
  • Proposal:

    So here's what I'm thinking. The Blender Documentation is organized in such a way that it covers everything about how to use Blender. So why not adopt that same outline and make a video tutorial for every chapter in the Blender Documentation. I'm hoping that it goes as far as making these video tutorials official. Just think, you are looking up UV mapping in the Blender Documentation and at the end of the chapter there's a link to a video that goes over everything you just read, shows you how to do it, and it also gives you some helpful hints that might not have been covered in the documetnation.

    I was also thinking that those videos would be available through bit-torrent, and then some other nice people could set up ftp mirrors for the files. That would be nice since those massive amounts of videos wouldn't actually have to be on


    It would help reinforce the open community documentation project, and make it the ultimate source for learning Blender. On top of that, if the creators of these videos already had an outline to work with (the Blender Documentation), it would be easier for them to get started on the videos. Also, time spent planning and organization these video files would take little time because it follows the documentation, and the users would be able to find a video on the topic they are looking for easily.
Hopefully we can get something like this going on If not, I'll either do it myself or if someone else has something like this started already I'd like to help to make a comprehensive set of video tutorials, and then ask it to be linked on :).
For windows you can get camstudio for free (only requires registration). You have to google for it (some site called brothersoft, or something like that, has it).

I've found FrontCam to work pretty well. I'll try Camstudio to see if it works better. I wish they had something like that for Linux besides Xvidcap which takes my system down to a crawl and is lacking features.

By the way, does someone want to beautify the documentation? Some CSS would go a long way :).

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Post by myamee »

This is a quote from Ton when he wrote me back on this matter via email.

“We all know we could use plenty of good video tutorials, but this is
not something I personally can pick up yet... I still hope that some
people in in our userbase will do, and even try to make business with
We currently do nice business with the printed manual, but adding to
that video DVDs in our store could be a nice project for end of 2004.
We'll see.”

Also I will work on putting tutorials either on my website or in the blender yahoo user group.

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Post by Cyberdigitus »

you could also contact 3dbuzz for help. they create free VTM's for about all 3d applications; and a lot of community users there would like to see blender tutorials.

Of course the buzz team has a lot of work on their plate already, and they didn't make blender a priority (yet), but if Ton and the blender foundation itself would contact them, maybe something could be worked out.

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Video tutorials completed

Post by Metsys »

I've posted a first batch of video tutorials on the Elysiun forum. I think I'm pretty much done with the research phase and will start seriously making tutorials based on the Blender Documentation.

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Post by levon »

how about a DVD to be sold in the shop??
would make a great companion to the blender guide.

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Post by joeri »

I'd gladly help out with any dvd authoring.
But working globaly on 4.7 Gb on files does not sound like an easy task to me.

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Post by levon »

yes your right, the after effects dvd thingy is 14 dvds :P

though i cant see 4.7 gb (actualy 4.3) being to bad, you could fit quite alot on there, some could be done at a lower bit rate

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Problems with DVD authoring.

Post by Metsys »

I don't find authoring the DVD that big of a deal, as far as the technical issues are concerned. There are some problems with it when it comes down to making tutorials for beasts like Blender.

720x480 is the resolution used on DVDs (NTSC). Since there is an area that isn't guarenteed to be viewable, the actual viewable resolution is more like 576x384. That res isn't very good for something like learning Blender where to need to see what is being clicking on. So, you'll have to do some post processing or auto zooming in your capture to create visually useable tutorials.

On top of that, new versions of Blender come out rather frequently, so these videos could become obsolete sooner than later.

I considered DVDs as an extension of my project (hopefully a community project) but since new content will have to be created and revised constantly, hard media didn't seem like the perfect solution to the problem. The next-to-perfect solution I came up with is distributing it through a central site with mirrors, and bit-torrent. This leaves low-bandwidth people at a bit of a loss, but for them I think we can arrange putting all the DivX files on one DVD, which means we could easliy put 33+ hours of totorials on it. I calculated turning the entire Blender Manual to a video tutorial will take about 2 gig, which leaves plenty more space for other tutorials.

Just think, getting an entirely up-to-date collection of tutorials on one disc. That's one thing that I liked about the Special Edition of UT2004, tons of tutorials, hi-res, one disc.

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Post by rcas »

Hi to all.

I will be presenting a proposal at the Blender Conference for a Courses and Certification Program.

The Courses and Certifications would be done in either a training center or online, using a Web Version of it.
For the Web courses the intent was to provide a DVD with training videos and a PDF manual, specific to each course.

For now I am only defining the way the Courses and Certification should work, not going into lot of detail.
Hopefully I get some good feedback at the Conference and some more help to move on to the next stage and really build the content.

It might take some time and I alone haven't got the knowledge to cover all of Blender functionalities or even the best ways to achieve a given goal, but I believe that the Project will go further and all of us will gain from it.

The Presentation is scheduled for Friday between 11:30 and 13:00. Ton Roosendaal will be also on this Roundtable Session.
So, if any of you is going to be at the Blender Conference and want to know more just attend to the Presentation.

Best Regards to all.
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Post by birras »

hi folks
I just posted an updated list of available video tuts on the www
check the list at: ... 514#300514
problem is, that there is plenty of repeated stuff out there

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Post by vaniasmrkovski »

Hey, folks, I gotta throw my two cents in. I've been trying to get the video tuts to work, and have failed except for audio in all cases. I'm running SuSE 9.1, and it doesn't even have codecs available for the videos I've downloaded, and does not have the libraries needed for VLC, your recommended viewer.

Now, I'm a Mac to Windoze to Linux convert, so while I know computers very well, I'm still a bit behind the curve on some Linux details, but it does seem to me that there are some standards out there on video, aren't there? Is there some way to either provide some more standardized way to get video output for the tuts, or to provide some more detail on the places to get codecs or viewers? I downloaded vlc, and tried to get it installed, but don't even have a place to go for a list of the required libraries....

I'm trying to do my part....

Anyhoo, if anybody has a way to convert some of the current tutorials to some of the other standard formats, like MPEG, maybe, I've had pretty positive results with nearly all MPG files I have found. I do have problems with WMV files, and I have not yet tried QuickTime, though I know there are some QuickTime files I have had codec issues with in the past on other platforms, so perhaps someone will need to direct me on how to provide more detailed information on my current system so they can help me.

I'll take a breath now.

Thanks for the tutorials. For me, a visual makes a whole lot of difference. I hope I will be able to solve my current problems and actually see them.


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