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hypereyes wrote:You have to right-click on the camera object itself - the thing that looks like a pyramid with an arrow on it. You may not be able to see it in the view in which case you need to zoom out a little.
You can also select the camera by pressing NUM0 and clicking RMB on the outer edge of the camera view.

Works for me...

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Ok, jurneyAhed, yur pic shows that no verticies are affected by motion of Arm.R. To confirm, go to that screen again and make sure you click the Select button under the Arm.R section. That should highlight (in yellow) verticies that are deformed by motion of that bone. if they all stay pink, then you messed up in the "Choose verticies closest to bone section". However, no matter. Simply press B with you cursor in the 3d window, and click-drag select all the verticies that make up his right arm (6 of them showing, plus 6 in the back). When they are yellow, click the Assign button to assign them to this bone. voila. now posing the bone will deform those verticies. Repeat for legs and left arm.

To review, go to the 3d window and Akey to unselect all the verticies (they all are pink), then go to the edit window and click the Select button in the bone section. The affected verticies will turn yellow.

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