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Blender to Yafray documentation

Post by Samjh »

Although Blender has a very reasonable documentation online, and Yafray has fairly good online documentation for itself, the documentation about transition between Blender and Yafray -- despite both software having been integrated -- is very very lacking.

I know Eeshlo had posted a thread here about feature compatibility. While useful, it doesn't provide any information on how to adjust Blender scenes for rendering with Yafray. The changelogs at is simply not detailed enough, as it only discusses the integration in a general sense.

It would be tremendously useful for all Blender/Yafray users, if people who knows about the Blender to Yafray conversion process can create documentation detailing what and how Blender controls (especially shader amd textire controls) work with Yafray.

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Post by Notxor »

Hello Samjh

There are a little guide in h

Jandro translated this guide to spanish in

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