Best import/export techniques (Blender<->3DSMax,Maya,e

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Best import/export techniques (Blender<->3DSMax,Maya,e

Post by ben_o »

I feel it might be useful to others to post the best or most satifactory ways of transferring blender made objects to the other 3D apps, like Wings3D, 3DSMax, Maya, XSI etc.

Ideally the most complete export/import would carry most of the data, such as vertex colours, armatures, IPO's and of course, a full mesh.

The route Blender -> export 3DS -> 3DS Max has shown up a few anomalies for me so I am especially keen to find a different way. (I've heard of a technique exporting to MD5 (Doom 3 character models) and then being imported in, for example.)

Any other good workable routes?


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Post by ideasman »

MAX -> Blender
ASE, VRML, DXF (Obj?? - not in max by default as export)

Maya -> Blender
OBJ- a maya format, probably others

BTW- IS there an open format like VRML or OBJ that supports bones??

- Cam

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What About X3D?

Post by joshuaseaver »

At the Blender conference, Oliver Schneider of work that had been done with Maya and then imported to Blender for use in the game engine. ... 462.0.html
They chose VRML 2 because it kept the animation data. I wonder if x3d--the newest iteration of vrml-- might be a good choice.
There are already x3d exporters for Maya and Blender and I'm sure for others, but importers would have to be written as well.
My 2 cents.

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