modelling leaves?

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modelling leaves?

Post by matt_267 »

im doing a forest scene at the moment and im having trouble of finding a good way to model leaves on a tree. I can get the shape of the leaves, but then I dont know how to 'put' all the leaves on the tree in a realistic looking way. any tips?
- matt

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Post by z3r0_d »

use arbaro to generate tree meshes

warning: they will have LOTS of polygons

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Post by reed »

It usually looks better to place the leaves manually, which can be a pain. (You should use "Link" though -- ALT-D -- to make the new leaf objects if you do this, so that you can modify the mesh data later, and to save file space, memory and a bit of rendering performace maybe.)

Another way is this: Make a new object for the leaf mesh. Make a new "skeleton" version of the tree that only has vertices where you want the leaves. Move the leaf so that the center of the leaf object is at the same position as the center of the tree skeleton object. Click the leaf, shift-click the tree skeleton. Press CTRL+P and choose Make Parent. Go into the object buttons and click DupliVerts and Rot. This should make a "ghost" leaf mesh at each vertex of the tree skeleton, aligned to the normal at that vertex.

More about DupliVerts is here: ... 22s02.html



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