No body will help me.

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No body will help me.

Post by laaroussi »

Hi everybody,
I'm beginner at Blender and I have the Blender 2.41, until now I didn't find any complete tutorial, so if any body can help :?:
Thank you.

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Post by LetterRip » has an uptodate version of the manual.

For user questions try

this is a developers forum.


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Post by heroncle »

Hello :)

I am a beginner too, but I had found a book who helped me so much ("BLENDER ET POV-RAY, La 3D en toute liberté" de Jean-Luc Ancey aux éditions DUNOD / a french book, but you seems to come from a francophon country).
After learning the interface/vocabulary with the book, using "blenderwiki" and others tutorials improves your knowledge quickly.

Good luck and don't be afraid about Blender's interface, it is VERY effective and easy to use after... 1 hour :)

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Post by matos »

u could also check this:

its a blender magazine with tuts and other stuff, a great blender starting point :)

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Post by teachtech »

Here's a beginner book you can download also (designed for senior high school use)

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