Blender Workshop: videogame characters

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Blender Workshop: videogame characters

Post by Lorca »

:D Heloooo
Ortiz! From São Paulo, Brasil. Again.

I can't believe it! They call me again to make a workshop inside SESC Pompéia cultural center. It started yesterday. 8)

This wokshop is being offered for free to students :P .
We will have a similar aproach to this workshop:

Now, we will focus in character creation. So... time to talk about modeling, rig, texturing all over again! But from a diferent point of view... cool!
Later on, we focused in space... now its time to talk about somenthing moving arround that space in realtime :wink: .

New people are coming! And a lot of people that have participated other wokshops are doing this now (9 people!). I decided to start things all over
again from zero. But with a diferent aproach so people will be able to understand, and most important: Don't get bored.

Total of students in this workshop: 22 people. Amount of time until the end of this wokshop: 42 hours. (3 days a week 2 hours a day).

And i heard that Sesc is upgrating to Linux Ubuntu as an operational sistem... Great!
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M. Gandhi

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Post by Ezequiel »

Hi :

Did you know if they are this kind of Workshops in Argentina? :roll: Greetings latinoamerican brother.

Que maluco dois latinoamericanos falando en ingles ! :lol: :lol:

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Post by matos »

off topic :)

e se o resto do mundo tambem falasse portugues?????

from Portugal, with love.

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