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Why was my post moved here?

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:54 am
by Tehrasha
The forums here at are for the development of Blender itself.

Examples include but are not limited to...
"Function xxxx does not work when..."
"Is anyone working on functionality for xxxx hardware/software..."
"I have a patch for xxxx, can someone test it?"
"Blender crashes when I attempt to xxxx. {trace}"

Questions and topics dealing with the use of Blender are better handled at the BlenderArtists Forum

Examples include but are not limited to...
"How do I xxxx in Blender?"
"Why does tutorial xxxx not work when..."
"What am I doing wrong? {IMAGE}"
"Check out my awesome... {IMAGE}"

The reasons for separating the forums are two-fold.

First, questions on usage are going to get a much larger audience of Blender users who may be experiencing or have experienced the same thing on BlenderArtists than here.
Second, developers do not have to wade through all of the non-development topics to find the topics that they can deal with.

(other mods are welcome/encouraged to clarify this further)

Forum Re-Organization

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:25 am
by stiv
Gather round, my children, and Uncle Stiv will tell you a story of when the world was new - so new, in fact, that Blender still fit on a floppy disk. (ask your Mom what a floppy disk is) Back then, the forums were *the* place to talk about Blender - anything about Blender.

But the world has changed. Over time, a user community grew up at Elysium, which became Blender development has developed (heh!) to the point where we have a new release every two months. To support this pace, most development talk takes place on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and the development mailing list, with the wiki being used for proposals and documentation.

The development forums have been left in the dust and have turned into a hodge-podge of user questions and actual development topics. A suggestion was made to drop these forums entirely, but I think they still have value as a low-bandwidth interface for those who may not have access or time for IRC.

Basically, the plan is to chase user questions over to and condense the development forums down into just a handful of topics. Something along the lines of:

* News & Chat
* Coding / Python scripting / Add-ons
* Academic Research
* Open Projects / Blender Foundation

Currently, user questions are being moved into the User Questions that really belong on category. It's nothing personal. No one is being singled out for posting in the wrong topic. No blame! It is just a (belated) effort to bring a little order to the world. Did I mention it's nothing personal?

(tl;dr) The Bottom Line :

For Discussion and questions about *using* Blender:

* the user forums at

For Development discussion and questions:

* The #blendercoders channel on . A good place to get quick help with compile problems. Most active during the day, euro-time

* The bf-committers mailing list:
List archives are available for browsing. Subscribe before you post.

* The development forums at

* There is a weekly developer meeting in #blendercoders every Sunday at 16h Amsterdam time. Be forewarned - meeting time is for decisions, not discussions and questions. We have an agenda and we stick to it. However, before and after the meeting is a good time for discussions, questions and help because everyone is around.

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 7:33 pm
by stiv
Yet another reason for asking questions about using Blender over at is that they likely will get answered quicker since that is where the user community is.

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 10:00 am
by thedevilshands
stiv wrote:Yet another reason for asking questions about using Blender over at is that they likely will get answered quicker since that is where the user community is.
many thanks, glad to have helped clean the forum of one more such post.