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Child Object do not follow path animated Object when linked

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:41 pm
by TheJaddix

Currently Iam working on a little animation. Now I having this Problem :

In my first blender scene there is setup with a NurbsPath and an Object
which is following this path. This Object is also a parent of some other Objects and Emptys.

In my second scene this Object on the path and some of its childs are
linked in. The parent Object moves while stepping through the frames, the
child Objects do not.

When hiting the G,S or R-Key on one of these childs, they jumped to the right position, but staying there when stepping through frames again.

Is it a bug or feature, or is there just a checkbox somewehre in blender
that should be set ( or unset :-) )

Thanks The Jaddix