Mirror Modifier Driving me crazy:@ help please

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ek banz
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Mirror Modifier Driving me crazy:@ help please

Post by ek banz »

Hi everyone, i just started learning how to 3d model in blender 3 days ago, so i'm still pretty new to all of this, anyway, so i'm having a problem adding a mirror modifier to this Mesh:

I'm trying to make a simple character's body here.

Whenever i add a Mirror Modifier to it, this happens:

This is really driving me nuts:p and i know it's really a stupid mistake but like i said, i'm still a beginner, please tell me how i can fix this and thank you so so much for your time :)

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Re: Mirror Modifier Driving me crazy:@ help please

Post by farbw3rk »

your problem is the origin-point.

take a look here:
blender-manual link.

in short: select your mesh, enter edit-mode, select the face where the mirror should take place, hit shift-s -> cursor to selected.
tab out of edit-mode, hit ctrl-alt-shift+c -> origin to 3d-cursor.

THEN add the mirror-modifier.

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