Difficulty Layering Animation

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Difficulty Layering Animation

Post by DMason »

I'm having some difficulty creating animation layers in blender. I've been working with both Max and Maya for a number of years, but have to admit that I'm fairly new to the advanced animation tools in Blender.

My plan is to use the NLA editor to produce basic repeatable animations such as walk cycles and key over the top to introduce natural variations to the movement. I set the action blend of the new track to 'add' and when I find a piece of animation that I want to alter, I start keying.

Unfortunately, rather than keying the local translation on the current track it keys the entire global translation, which is only evident when scrubbing through the timeline.

I'm probably not explaining it well so I'll give an example. Say an action that you have applied to a cube moves it 50 units on the y axis over 10 frames and you want to add a track that moves it an additional 10 units on the z axis over the same period. So you zero key the cube on your new track, skip to frame 10 and move it ten units in the z axis. Technically this layer has only moved ten units in z, but the key includes the transformation on the track beneath it, so when you replay the animation it moves 100 units in y and 10 in z.

I can make the changes while the track is set to 'replace' and then switch to 'add' but this is no good for more complicated animations as it doesn't give visual feedback until the track mode is changed.

Does anyone know how I can remedy this problem, or if there is an alternate method for creating animation layers that I'm not aware of.

Thank you in advance.

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Same Problem

Post by lukeo25 »

Hi Guys,

I have been animating layers up until 2.66 but now the insert capability in the relations dropdown doesn't work any more. Is there a newer build where this has been reinstated?

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