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Posing no longer working

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:48 pm
by Praedor
I have obviously clicked something or accidently deactivated or activated some function because I can no longer pose my mesh model. I select a bone in pose mode, it highlights, I try to move it and absolutely nothing happens. No bone movement and no mesh deformation. I have no idea where to start to fix this. I tried unparenting the bones from the mesh and resetting it with automatic weights but nothing. I tried closing blender and restarting but the same thing happens.

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 2:50 am
by Scooter2
Good evening,
Was this armature working properly and then it quit working? Have you pressed [N] and opened your transform tools to see if some how the bones have the transforms locked? It seems like I have had this happen before, I will see if I can figure it out.
Good luck.