Help with armature and connecting.

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Help with armature and connecting.

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I haven't been able to connect the armatures to my project. I haven't had this problem before. I would select the part of the object that I want on one of the armatures but the armature won't select. So I would go in and select it as well have ever it will deselect everything and just select that armature. (I'm click shift when I go to select the armature.) Then when I do have both selected it won't select the one part that I want, it will select the whole body and I don't want that.

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try this

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I haven't done enough work with bones and such to offer any great advice.
But check out this guys videos on youtube.

His tutorial #36 is about animating a minecraft character.
He goes over how to properly connect faces and edges to the correct armatures.

Good luck!
Hope I could help.


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