Make Sphere with "Blender" PROBLEM

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Make Sphere with "Blender" PROBLEM

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I apologize in advance for my english & when I created this thread in the wrong forum, then I ask for a postponement because this topic is very important to me.

I currently follow an RPG tutorial and use this Gamestuido & A8 for the sky I use the program "Blender", but this tutorial was created with an older version.

I do the following in BLENDER: "Now press the U key and select the new window, select" Sphere from view ".
Apparently has only once done anything. Right, but is now Blender has generated a UV map. "

When I say "U" press the following things appear to selection: "Unwrap", "Smart UV Project", "lightmap pack", "Follow Active Quads", "Cube Projection", "Cylinder Projection", "Sphere Projection", "Project from view "," Project from View (Bounds) "&" reset "

Can anyone tell me which of these commands correspond to the step above me?

LG Kevin
LG Kevin

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