Blender 2.49a strange directory bug

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Blender 2.49a strange directory bug

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Hi! Im new to Blender and found an annoying bug/problem.

Im want to use blender 2.49a. to open .fef files (konami files) to model faces. When i try to import a .fef a file it needs other files called .dds and i have them in the same folder where they should be.

The problem is that i made the misstake to put the files in a folder called "Mårtens", with a Swedish "å" that blender doesnt seem to recognize. Therefore it cant find the needed .dds files and wont open the .fef file.


I thought ok, lets just rename the folder to "Martens" instead, and browse for the file again, and then it must work? But somehow Blender still thinks the folder is called "Mårtens", it doesnt even matter if i move the folder to another harddrive or renaming it to whatever. It still searches for the files in the old/no-longer-existing folder called "Mårtens".

I have tried to reistall and download diffrent versions of Blender, but no change. I also deleted all temp-files on my computer.

You would think that with a clean install all settings would be back to zero, right? If i open a file no old history of ancient folders that no longer exists would haunt you?

Sorry for my bad English. Been stuck with this problem for three Days and really hope someone can help me.[/img]

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