Blender unable to import material from obj & mtl

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Blender unable to import material from obj & mtl

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Hiiii frndz,

i have download a obj model of a black suv from a site, now the problem is whenever i import the obj and mtl file in blender, the materials are showings up in the material list, but when i render the result is just gray.
I tried every suggestion given on this topic in this forum, i made sure the textured solid is checked, the image search is checked, even unchecked the transparency( but that doesn't make any difference), even converted the obj to fbx and then back to obj. also made sure that the texture images are in same folder where the obj and mtl files are.
But still i m not able to get the original material and textures, i just wonder if its showing the materials for eg. carpaint in material, which supposedly has to be black, in the material list why still the whole model is showing as grey.
Also Can some tell which format suits the blender best for importing models and textures without much trouble.

Thanks in advance, in need of help seriously :(

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